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DKSH rigorously continues the strategic expansion of its Luxury Way of life company. Following the selective expansion of its
advertising, sales, and after-sales solutions network within the luxury and way of life goods sector by acquiring the long-established
trading homes Desco von Schulthess and Hagemeyer-Cosa Liebermann, plus the advertising and distribution rights to, spy watches and controlling
majority in Maurice Lacroix, the luxury goods activities of DKSH are becoming strengthened by a additional substantial strategic
partnership. DKSH is taking on the exclusive advertising and distribution rights for Bovet timepieces within the Asia area, thereby
complementing its high-status item portfolio within the premium segment. Furthermore, DKSH is acquiring a strategic shareholding of 20%
in Bovet, which covers each the Bovet 1822 brand and its two production facilities for horological elements below the name of DIMIER.
This move generates beneficial synergies in manufacturing collaboration and within the provide of strategically important elements for
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"Today, the Asia Pacific area will be the greatest marketplace for Swiss luxury timepieces. We see DKSH, the top independent provider
for advertising, sales, and distribution of premium luxury goods in Asia, because the perfect companion for professionally advertising
our premium Bovet timepieces within the expanding Asian markets, "says Pascal Raffy, owner of Bovet 1822 and DIMIER 1738. He goes on to
say: "Promising perspectives are opening up via this strategic partnership. Using the in-depth marketplace knowledge of DKSH in Asia
and its complete network, we're confident within the additional dynamic development of Bovet within this area. "
This strategic partnership with Bovet additional strengthens the position of DKSH because the top independent solutions provider for
the advertising, sales and distribution of premium luxury goods in Asia. Additionally to its blanket distribution network across Asia,
DKSH also employs its personal watchmakers within the core markets of Japan, Hong Kong watches sale , Korea, and China, making certain expert and
prompt after-sales solutions for all those exclusive luxury brands.
Dr. Joerg Wolle, CEO President of DKSH Holding: "We are proud of having the ability to represent Bovet when coping with our
long-established Asian clients. Bovet timepieces are synonymous using the highest levels of Swiss watchmaking art and technological
innovation. "
"We are extremely enthusiastic concerning the development potentials and synergies which will be produced from the strategic linking of
our complete advertising, sales and after-sales solutions network all through Asia using the manufacturing competence of 1 of
Switzerland's most exclusive and prestigious watch brands, "adds Gonpo Tsering, Member of Group Management and accountable for the
Company Segment Luxury Way of life at DKSH. high quality replica watches
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